June 14, 2024

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There wouldn’t be music business without freedom and security , President Museveni says

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The President of Uganda Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has boosted over the booming music business in Uganda which he attributes to good security in the country.

Uganda a land locked country has experienced wars since gaining independence from the British in 1962 as wars fought along different political leaders.

However, in the year 2020 President Museveni who came to power in 1986 is facing a political opponent ranked as among the top Musician in Uganda.

Bobi Wine who was 3 years when president Museveni took Power through successful armed struggle has threatened the political seat of the longest serving president of Uganda in coming general elections in 2021.

During the celebrations of the new year President Musevni meant a famous singer known to many as Kanda BongoMan.

Presidnt Museveni in his remarks said ,I am happy to welcome Kanda Bongo alias (Kanda Bongo Man), to Kisozi this morning. What is important to note is that there wouldn’t be music, business or industry without freedom and security. That is why some of us, abandoned some hobbies to go and fight for freedom. Myself, I enjoyed football and Jim Reeves’ music”.

Museveni said a top pop star who was to perform in Kampala during the ushering of the new year Kanda Bongoman personally suffered the plight of instability from his home country, forcing him to go to France when he was 17years, and recently had to relocate from South Africa to the U.K .

That the fake Africans in South Africa carried out the xenophobic attacks which forced Kanda Bongoman to abandon South Africa.added Museveni.

According to President Museveni , This is a total shame because the majority of present South Africans originated from Cameroon.

He retaliated that in Uganda however, nobody can talk against a fellow Africans because it is not the way of our culture. This is why we need all Africans on board for our next major assignment; to expand our market through economic and political integration

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