July 18, 2024

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Sudanese man arrested with material to make fake dollars says URA

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A Sudanese national has been arrested trying to cross into Uganda from Kenya with material that Uganda Revenue Authority believes is for making fake US dollars.

The suspect, Duach Chuol Kaylech Toang, was held after his luggage at Malaba One Stop Border Post (OSBP) was found to contain bundles of papers the size of a dollar and some liquid which when poured on the papers, turns them into one can mistake us US dollars.

URA has in the past three years installed Non Intrusive Inspection (NII) scanners at the border that have improved the search capabilities of customs officials, and slowed down smugglers.

Duach Chuol Kaylech Toang, a Sudanese national was just a normal traveller crossing Malaba OSBP by bus from Kenya through Uganda to ultimately go to South Sudan.

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