May 29, 2024

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Nwoya district auctions 300 bags of impounded charcoal

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More than 300 bags of impounded charcoal have been auctioned in Nwoya district. The auctioned charcoal was impounded from various places within the district about two weeks ago.

Nwoya District Chairperson Patrick Okello Oryema told URN that each charcoal bag was sold between 10,000 and 15,000 Shillings depending on its size. He says that the district raised up to four million Shillings from the sale, which was held at Nwoya district headquarters on Thursday.

Earlier, the district collected ten million Shillings from fines levied from the five lorry trucks that were impounded with charcoal. The trucks were from Adjumani and Amuru districts traversing Nwoya district to their various destinations. Each was charged two million Shillings for disregarding a bylaw against the sale of charcoal.

Oryema said that the money was paid in the collection account and will be planned for use as part of the locally raised revenue.

Nwoya district last year passed a resolution banning commercial trading in charcoals and logs.

Arthur Owor, a researcher with the African Centre for Studies and a member of environmental pressure group; Our Trees We Need Answer, says that the dealers are uncontrollably depleting the forest cover in Northern Uganda including the endangered species of the shea and Afzelia Africana trees.


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