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Facebook marks 16 years since its birth , Zuckerberg celebrates

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Facebook marks 16 years since its birth

Today February 2020, is Facebook’s 16th birthday.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg is honored his website to connect billions of people a cross the world.

‘When I started building the website I never imagined it would grow to connect billions of people,’ says Zuckerburg.

“I thought something like this needed to get built for the world, but I figured someone else would do it.” He added

The young billionaire explained that they believed more deeply in the power of connecting people, so they kept pushing ahead when others doubted.

“I’ve learned a lot since 2004. The last few years in particular have been very humbling.” Zuckerburg states.

‘One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is to always stand up for your principles, even when they’re unpopular or out of fashion.’ He remarked.

In Uganda Facebook has become very popular to the community, now even among the rural areas.

It has become one of the major sources of breaking news and information.

‘We believe progress happens when you give people a voice and bring people together. That’s what we stand for,’ Mr Zuckerburg explains.

“We know there will also be issues when you give more people a voice and new ways to connect, and we’ll keep working to address them.” He added.

Mr Zeckerburg believes in empowering people.

“These basic ideas have guided us for the last 16 years and they will continue to guide us for a long time to come,” says Facebook innovator.

“Thank you for being part of this community.” Mr Zuckerburg appreciated those with Facebook account.

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