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Kata Kata cartoon magazine’s brand Ambassador, Liam Katabira (8) interesting tales

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Kata Kata inspiring many new and uprising young writers in Uganda and the rest of Africa.

Children aged 5 to 12 years yearn to learn from Kata Kata brand ambassador, Liam Katabira, aka the younger writer on how to be skillful writers at a tender age.

Not famous in Uganda to have young writers for various media outlets, Liam is out to beat the odds.

Liam displaying his newly published story named The Dark Well

Liam, says that he would like to see many young children join the young writer at Kata Kata a cartoon magazine targeting the children.

The 8-year-old promised that he is going to visit many children in various primary schools, slum areas, refugee camps, and villages about story writing.

Liam in a black shirt with a group of peers.

In a campaign supported by her mother the younger writer promises to improve the writing skills of Uganda’s young generation.

A confident Liam a pupil at Sir Apollo Kaggwa schools says he will also be contesting for a top leadership position in his primary 3 class.

He promises that if he becomes a leader, he will launch a writing club for the young generation and improve their skills in writing stories.

Liam also shared that so far, he is yet to publish his two storybooks, the Dark Well and the Art Man, he wrote when he was 7 years old.

Liam is inspired by many people including Hon. Jacob Olanya, the deputy speaker of the Uganda Parliament, who is also a writer like him and hopes that one day he can meet him.

Ogo, the editor of Kata Kata cartoon Magazine based in Holland is another Liam inspiration.

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