April 12, 2024

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China deploys 100,000 ducks in preparation for locust invasion

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A video released by China’s state-run news website CGTN shows thousands of ducks waddling down a road to confront 400 billion locusts approaching the country near the border where it meets Pakistan and India. Each duck can “control” a four-square-meter of land and eat the locusts invading it.

China deploys 100,000 ducks in preparation for locust invasion

Unlike Uganda, the Chinese government has reportedly deployed 100,000 ducks to their border in anticipation of an impending ‘Desert locusts’ invasion any time.

Uganda allocated 22bn to fight the deadly desert locusts that invaded the country early this month February, 2020.

According to media reports, ducks have been dispatched to the Xinjiang border where China boarders Pakistan and India.

Deploying ducks to fight locusts is one if the best and cheap measure.

In Uganda, a duck can cost Ug shs 30,000/= and the deployment of 100,000 birds plus labours and transportation can make 4bn.

Pakistan has recorded one of the biggest locust swarm in the region in the recent years.

The locust invasion, which has also affected Kenya and Uganda, is said to be causing havoc in Pakistan which now faces food shortage as most of their crops were destroyed.

Desert locusts, according to a United Nations report, can travel up to 95 miles in a day and can eat their own body weight in plant material per day.

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