April 12, 2024

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Interview: a young lawyer around town , Egan Wonders

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City Lawyer Platform lawyer Mr Egan Wonders has for the first time opened up about his life, career and the journey as a new lawyer . He spoke to Kaweesa Hope Mulangira in an extensive interview.

Business Detect : Tell us about City Lawyers Platform .

Egan Wonders : City Lawyers Platform is an online legal research platform with various departments to wit Department of Pre~entry revision & training, Department of Academic consultancy & Legal Research. You can like our page on Facebook @city lawyers platform. We educate the public and the legal fraternity about latest developments in various sectors of the law world wide.

Lawyer Egan Wonders at his work place in Kampala

Business Detect : Who is Egan? When, where and to whom was he born?

Egan Wonders : Egan Wonders was born on the 6th day of June 1993 in a Kyakatabuka, Kiryanga Ward, Nyangayha Division, Masindi Municipality in Masindi District.
I was born to Pamba Godfrey & Sylvia Whitney Paulete both deceased (may their souls rest in eternal peace). I have one sibling called Kulabako Bridges.

I did my primary studies from Nyamigisa Boys Primary School a UPE primary school located in Nyamigisa, Masindi Municipality, Masindi District located just two miles from my home village between 2000 to 2006 & I got a first grade in the PLE .

I did my secondary studies from Jordan Pride Education Center located in the heart of Masindi Town in Nyangayha. I was at this school from 2007 to 2012 and performed extra ordinarily well in both UCE & UACE exams.

I joined KIU under the school of law in August, 2013 which I successfully finished in 2017 and graduated a year later in 2018 with a Bachelor of Laws, I joined the Law Development Centre in September 2017 for the Postgraduate Bar Course which I successfully completed and graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice of the Law Development Centre in 2019.

Business Detect
: So, why is it that your passion for teaching law is alive

Egan Wonders: I draw my inspiration of teaching from Amal Clooney a renown and celebrated International Human Rights Lawyer with a record of winning high profile cases & representing big clients ranging from Presidents & other popular public figures. Besides her being a great lawyer, she is a Law Teacher at the New York University. Partly that inspired me to teach or to fall in love with teaching. Actually it is Amal Clooney who partly inspired me to choose law as my course besides my other relatives who thought that doing law was a right move for me.
Personally I love teaching and people I have so far taught commend me to be a great law teacher. That inspires me and keeps my dream alive and growing.

Lawyer Egan smiles at Business Detect Camera man

Business Detect : While at these primary schools, did you have in mind what you wanted to be in the future.

Egan Wonders : Not at all but all I remember is that when I was still , we all used to play Kiddish games, I recall one time mentioning that when I grow up, I want to be a lawyer.

Business Detect : Away from that, is there anything memorable from your University life?

Egan Wonders: The most memorable moment from my university time was when I and my other colleagues were blasted by a certain law teacher who was teaching us Intellectual Property Law by then that none of us will never ever make it to the Bar, to him we were unserious and undeserving to become Lawyers. He made this statement simply because a certain student had come to class unprepared. Instead of directing the statements to that particular student, he attacked us collectively even those of us who had the work and had come prepared. I am proud to say that I went all the way to beat all the odds and became a lawyer.

Business Detect : Egan, when you graduated from law school what were your ambitions like?

Egan Wonders: The day I graduated from LDC, I was worried how my life was going to be like especially now that I was going to become totally independent but what I knew was that with hardwork, dedication and trust in God, everything is possible. So I started to hustle right away because personally I love a good life & the only way I could have it was to work the hell out of myself.

Business Detect : Five years from now, where do we see Egan

Egan Wonders : I see Egan very far God willing, I see myself as one of the reputable young lawyers around town. Driving a simple car & most probably happily married.
May God make it a reality.

Business Detect : What makes you happy?

Egan Wonders: I love to be smart & different from all the others, I love talking to someone I love all the time. I love watching Cristiano Ronaldo play football.

Wonders last year after attending a private meeting with a top commercial bank in Kampala

Business Detect : What makes you angry

Egan Wonders: I hate liars in my life. I hate poor time managers.

Business Detect : How do you take rejection

Egan Wonders: All I can say is that I easily move on, I never hold grudges at heart. When I am rejected to me it is normal after ole their a million of people out there who may need me.

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