June 14, 2024

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Minister for Investment, Evelyn Anite calls for Children’s engagement in Anti-Covid-19 campaign

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Minister Anite wants children engaged in Anti-Covid 19 campaign. 

Earlier today 19th June 2020, Uganda State Minister for Investment and privatisation Hon Evelyn Anite was talking to children on how COVID 19 can spread and how it can be prevented .

She received Tahia Buyinza Mulisa and Sumayiyah Buyinza in her high end office at the Ministry of Finance,Planning and Economic Development.

Anite 35, is vigorous in promoting responsible Investment in Uganda and fighting Coronavirus prevalence in the business community.

Our children stay home as we go to work and we return home either safe or not safe from Covid-19 pandemic .

The children understand COVID19, they will always be able to wash their hands, avoid unnecessary movements in the community and they will be able to remind parents about COVID 19 , Evelyn Anite told Whisper Eye reporter.

Parents listen more to their children than workmates or friends, Let us teach our children the fight against corona-virus , the responsible investment promotion Guru Evelyn Anite noted.

As we fight Covid 19, we must involve our children because they can be good agents of fighting Covid, Evelyn Anite added.

Children are great change agents, they will help a lot in fighting COVID 19 in schools. We must involve them, train them, and guide them , the Minister emphasised .

Anite was early today in her office meeting Tahia Mulisa Buyinza and Buyinza Sumayiyah the daughters of his friend Luzindana Adam Buyinza who is the publisher of the Uganda Responsible Investment Guide and publisher of the Uganda TOP70 Law firms and Uganda Top50 Ministers .

Anite thanked president Museveni for leading a nationwide campaign against Coronavirus yet protecting all Ugandans , she noticed the presidents commitment to capitalise Uganda Development Bank to support Uganda Businesses which have been affected by COVID -19 pandemic effects.

The MP noticed the need for all companies to be responsible so that they develop our country Uganda.

Currently children are home as a measure to prevent them from the covid-19 pandemic infectiion

Story by Whisper Eye

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