May 29, 2024

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Hundreds sent away from Bukedea market

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Bukedea authorities have turned away more than 200 traders of non- food items from Bukedea main market. A team of police officers and Local Defense Unit- LDU staged at the entrance of the weekly market on Monday morning and turned away traders who had traveled from Mbale, Sironko and other districts of Teso from accessing the market.   The affected included vendors of clothes, shoes and garden tools like hoes and pangas among others. 

Caroline Ameso, one of the affected cloth vendors in Bukedea, says she is forced to sell clothes stealthily to help her family of seven people who are all dependent on her. 

Ameso faults government for paying a deaf ear to their pleas to reopen the weekly markets to allow them business and fend for their families.   

Patrick Edait Onyoin, the Chairperson Bukedea Business Association, says the vendors who have been selling non- food items have been doing it stealthily in corridors. 

Alfred Igune, the Bukedea Town Council Chairperson, says police swung into action to enforce Presidential Guidelines on social distancing and wearing face masks. He revealed that the traders were warned before but continued to violate the guidelines.

Information from Bukedea indicates that the trader had come to Bukedea weekly market that has been operational in the last few weeks under the watch of security teams and the district leadership.


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