July 18, 2024

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Consult Public, Cooperate with Gov’t, Taxi Operators Tell Kampala’s New Leaders

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As Kampala city welcomes new leadership, taxi operators have advised the incoming Kampala Capital City Authority -KCCA councilors to always consider consulting with them before enacting any bi-laws.

Mayambala Mustafa, the vice chairman of Joint Taxi Operator’s Consortium -JOITCO says there has been misrepresentation when it comes to setting laws that effectively impact Kampala people, caused by the technical and political gap between the policy makers at city hall and the people. JOITCO comprises different  stakeholders in the public transport sector 

Rashid Sekindi the chairman Kampala operational taxi stages association [KOTSA] further advised the city hall policy makers to cooperate with the central government irrespective of their political leanings.  

Currently all the elected councilors are from opposition parties, with 41 out of 44 from the National unity platform and the rest from the Forum for democratic change. For many years the taxi industry has had sharp differences within themselves and with the authorities mainly due to taxes, route charts, stage fares.

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has a target to collect Shs8b annually in park user fees from taxis working within Kampala and beyond effective 2021. 

Mr. Robert Nowere, KCCA deputy director revenue collection, says they estimate to collect at least Shs8b from taxis with those operating within Kampala and beyond paying Shs 840, 000 per year, while those operating only within Kampala will be expected to pay Shs 720, 000 per year.

However Mayambala insists that according to the meeting they had with the president it was agreed that the 720,000 should be for those operating within the 21 miles radius from the city center not basing on the demarcation of district boarders as stated in the law.

He further warns the city hall policy maker from tampering with the current KCCA Act saying it took them time to come up with it as it is. 

KCCA estimates a total of 15,000 taxis operate within Kampala with over 100,000 personnel who are drivers and conductors.

In response to the operators’ requests, the newly elected lord councilor Makerere university Muganga Micdad promises to ensure the rule of law so as to equitably serve the people of Kampala.


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