July 18, 2024

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Bududa Traders Complain of Falling Prices of Matooke

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Matooke traders in Bududa district are complaining about the falling prices of Matooke in the region of Bugisu.

The traders say previously the smallest bunch was Uganda shillings 10,000, but now it is down to 2000, while the biggest that cost  50,000 is now between 20,000 to 15,000.

Traders are now appealing to the government to help them look for markets outside the borders. Michel Walandama, a trader said he has always sold his bunches of matooke at a give away price because they are very cheap in the market. He said a bunch which is bought from the farmer at 10,000 is sold at 8000 in the market, something that is continuing to harden their business.

Paul Nashisa, another trader said the profit they are getting is so little as compared to what they got few ago. He said most of the bunches that he buys may accumulate 2000 shillings as profit without transport, something that is equivalent to a loss.

Fred Musabi, the Bududa district Commercial officer said fall in prices is normal. He asked the traders to stay calm as prices shall eventually normalize.

Felix Odong, the Bududa district production officer attributed this to hard work by most farmers who have continued to produce Matooke all over the country hence fall in prices. He however appealed to the central government to look for a market so that traders can get livelihood.

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