June 16, 2024

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Elegu & Bibia Residents to Get UGX 6 Billion Piped Water System

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The government in partnership with the German Development Bank are set to construct a 6 Billion Shillings piped water system in Elegu and Bibia town councils in Amuru district.  

The project seeks to boost water supply in the two town councils that often struggle to access clean water.    The project will have 2, 150 cubic meter water reservoir tanks, 1, 14 stance public latrines, 19 public pit latrines an6 stance Ventilated Improved Pit latrine for institutions as well as an 18.54km distribution network that will be connected to at least 300 people on a subsidized rate of 50,000 Shillings.

The project which targets 23,322 people by 2041 seeks to provide a safe, adequate, reliable and accessible water supply, promote and develop appropriate sanitation facilities as well as improving the health conditions of the people through the promotion of improved hygiene.  

Yusuf Luule, a Senior Engineer with the Ministry of Water and Sanitation, says that the piped water system will have two production wells including one of 70 and 60 cubic meters per hour and pumped into the reservoirs and treated before they are pumped for use to the beneficiaries.

According to Luule, the project will also see two schools including Bibia and Elegu Primary schools get sanitation facilities for teachers and learners.  

Luule says that upon completion, the water project will be managed by the North Umbrella of water and sanitation.

Daniel Comboni Komakech, the Town Clerk Elegu town council says currently, 42.7% of the households in Elegu don’t have access to sanitation facilities. He says the project once completed will help save thousands of people from contracting and suffering from waterborne diseases which is the case currently.  

Gaetano Idra, a resident of Bibia town council says that they have struggled to access clean water which in most cases and has been sharing water sources with animals.   

Michael Lakony, the LCV Chairperson, Amuru district wants 90% of the labourers to come from within Elegu and Bibia Town councils such that the project is embraced and owned by the people. He says if not, chances are high that the local community members might fight the project.  

Geoffrey Oceng Osborn, the Resident District Commissioner Amuru district says that the project is timely given the hurdles thousands of people have to undergo to get clean water and treatment for diseases from taking dirty water.  

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