July 18, 2024

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Uganda Proprietors of Private Educational Institutions Demand Recognition as Investors

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Owners of private institutions under their Umbrella Proprietors of Private Educational Institutions Association in Uganda- PPEIAU want the government to recognise them as investors so as to benefit from the available incentives. 

Mike Kironde, the National Chairperson PPEIAU, says that despite investing billions of Shillings in the education sector in the country, they are not recognised as investors yet some people show up with some little money and earn privileges like free land and tax holidays from the government.

He says the private schools are employing over a million Ugandans, which makes the education sector second to the industrial sector when it comes to creating jobs. Kironde also notes that education is the only sector where 99 per cent of the investors are indigenous Ugandans. 

Denis Ahimbisibwe, the Co-director of Mbarara International modern primary school, says the government helps other investors and business people when they run into financial trouble but turns a blind eye to investors in education.

Constance Drijaru Obeti, the Director Mandela Junior School wants the government to give them a tax holiday to recover from the Covid-19 effect.

According to the Investment Code Act 2019, one qualifies to be an Investor as an individual or a legal entity when they have involved the business of value-addition, manufacturing and create jobs, introduce new technology and pay due taxes when they make a profit.

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