April 12, 2024

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Drop-in Gulu District’s Budget Worries Local Leaders

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The Gulu District local leaders have expressed worries following the drop in the budget for Financial Year 2021/2022.

On Monday afternoon, Gulu District Council passed a budget of 34 Billion shillings for the 2021/2022 Financial Year which is a drop from 42,366,440,000 shillings’ budget for Financial Year 2020/2021.

A number of leaders expressed their worries over the drop in the budget, something they say will greatly affect service delivery in the district.

Martine Ojara Mapenduzi, the outgoing Gulu District Chairman who presented the budget for approval says the incoming leadership of the district has a lot of challenges ahead following the drop in the budget.

According to Ojara, the drop in the budget for the nest financial year comes following the curbing of other revenue bases for the district into Gulu City like part of Unyama and Laliya Sub –Counties and that the leadership will have to be very creative in revenue collection.

Ojara also appealed to the incoming leadership to be strategic in as far a lobbying from the development partners is concerned.

Christopher Opiyo Ateke, the incoming Gulu District Chairman says there is a very big difference between the running budget and the one for the next financial year and that the operation of the district will not be easy.

Opiyo revealed that much as the budget for financial year 2021/2022 is very little, they will have to work within it to ensure that the locals get the quality services they deserve.

Walter Todera, the ongoing Gulu District Deputy Speaker and the Councilor elect for Omel Sub –County says they will sensitize the local community to pay taxes in time for easy planning.

Out of the 34.2 billion shillings, Education and Sports Department took the lion’s share 13.5 billion shillings followed by Administration and Health Departments with 7 billion shillings and 4.9 billion shillings respectively.

Internal audit, Trade Industry and Local Development and Planning Unit had the lowest allocations of 82.3 million shillings, 121.4 million shillings and 152 million shillings respectively.

Caesar Akena, the Gulu District Education Officer says the Education Department took the lion’s share of the budget they intend to build more classrooms in some of the schools and also recruit more teachers.

Evelyn Piloya, the outgoing Councilor V for Paicho Sub –County appealed to the new leadership for Gulu District to update the data for the Persons with Disabilities for easy planning and that they should also update the Asset Register for Gulu District since the current register lacks some of the district’s assets.


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