July 18, 2024

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Lira City Butchers Hike Meat Prices Citing Scarcity of Animals

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There is an abrupt increase in the prices of meat in Lira City. A kilogram of beef now costs between Shillings 14,000 and Shillings 15,000 from Shillings 10000 two weeks ago.

A kilogram of goat meat and mutton are going for Shillings 15,000 from Shillings 12,000.

Moses Adum, the Chairman of Lira Main Market Meat Vendor’s Association attributes the increase in the price of meat to the high demand for animals by businesspersons from other areas.

Moses Okite, a butcher at Dyang Lango butchery in Lira City West Division explained that there is no way someone will buy an animal for slaughter expensively and sell the meat cheaply, which he says explains the increase

Michael Denis Adwango, the Director of Mene Ape Dano Butchery, says that some butchers have started slaughtering animals illegally thus causing the variation in prices.

“The veterinary doctors should deal with those who are slaughtering animals illegally because for them they are not paying any tax and where they slaughter from is not gazetted for slaughtering animals” he said.     Emmanuel Watmon, the Chief Executive Officer 911 Restaurant, says that the increase in the price of meat has affected the price of food, which is eventually affecting the turn-up of customers.

Leone Obwor, a resident of Lira City is worried that a number of people may not eat meat because of the high price.  

A bull that weighs 100 kilograms currently goes for between Shillings 1 million and Shillings 1.2 million. Currently, livestock traders from as far as South Sudan, West Nile and Mbale are traversing Lango and Acholi sub-regions of anima

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