April 12, 2024

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Tough times as leaders claim monopoly on logic – Bowers Mugabi Kaweesa

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When Obote was overthrown, the industrial town of Jinja gradually collapsed due to the incompetence
of Museveni’s cronies who had fraudulently taken over ownership of public companies under the guise
of privatization.

The hitherto buoyant cooperative societies were literarily liquidated and institutions like Cooperative Bank and Greenland Bank were deemed as a threat because they were providing a market for the products of the common man.

The modern thieves and robbers forcefully put these giant banks into receivership to impoverish the populace. For over thirty years, Uganda has struggled against a largely justified reputation for industrial incompetence, shortage, and poor management.

Museveni’s vaunted ‘Prosperity for all’ plan resulted in land grabbing and desperation for millions of
people, and the industrial production lagged far behind that of his predecessors, the ‘Swine’. But the
NRM stalwarts were determined to mask their problems and keep them from the eyes of the rest of the

The state-owned newspaper, The New Vision could concoct statistics to show how Uganda was becoming one of the fastest-growing economies. Correspondingly, the RDCs devised elaborate schemes to keep the local population ignorant about their needs, merely singing a song that they should enjoy the peace ‘ushered in by NRM.’

Who is surprised by the shoddy coffee deal? The UVCCL will retain exclusive rights to buy all Uganda’s
coffee. As long as a leadership claims a monopoly on logic, it will be able to justify its monopoly on
resources, while the common people suffer and grow hungry.

As people struggle to pay exorbitant taxes, the commodity prices soar and life in Uganda grows leaner and leaner

Ironically, the leaders live in luxury and the old man shamelessly tells people to eat muwogo “Cassava” as the First Son squanders billions of impoverished tax-payers’ money on conspicuously extravagant birthday fetes.

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