July 18, 2024

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Those Playing Double Standards In Ham Vs Buganda Case Are Costing Our Kingdom Goodwill

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By David Serumaga

Kampala: Land disputes in Uganda are escalating every day and are causing a negative impact on our society and the people. One of the major factors fueling these land wrangles are the land professionals in central government and cultural leadership who use their offices to cause confusion in land matters.

On 16th September, 2022, Kiham Enterprises Uganda Limited logged an official complaint to the President of the Institution of Surveyors of Uganda and the Secretary of Surveyors Registration Board against one of their members Kizito Bashir Juma over conflict of interest and misconduct in the matter of land distribute between Kiham Enterprises (U) Limited and Kabaka of Buganda on Land Comprised in Kyadondo Block 273 FRV Wak 6104/25, Plots 23974, 23975, 23976 and 23977.

The office of the Commissioner Land Registration summoned Buganda Land Board through its lawyers K&K Advocates and S&L Advocates together with Hajji Hamis Kiggundu of Kiham Enterprises (U) Ltd. According to Ham, in that meeting, Mr. Kizito Bashir Juma introduced himself as the District Staff Surveyor (DSS) of Wakiso District but still, he is known to be the lead surveyor/Registered Surveyor of Buganda Land Board.

While Kiham Enterprises (U) Ltd was acquiring land titles from Wakiso District Land Board, Kizito Bashir Juma who is the District Staff Surveyor participated in the process of creating by checking and Okaying the subdivisions of freehold land titles over former public land and this happened on July 14th 2020.

It’s astonishing and distrusting that Kiham came to know that a person who participated in the creation of the freehold land title is the same person who also authored a survey report which the Kabaka of Buganda is relying on in its complaint to cancel the freehold titles. This automatically makes Mr. Kizito Bashir Juma the complainant, the registered surveyor of the complainant and the Wakiso District Staff Surveyor who at the time approved the JRJ in 2020 something which is against the complainant’s will.

Since the defendant has come out to complain about the unprofessional conduct of Mr. Kizito, we humbly request the Institution of Surveyors of Uganda and the Surveyors Registration Board to come out clearly to advise on the matter or punish its member for it going against professional conduct and causing a negative image to the complainant and the defendant.

The land issue between Hajji Hamis Kiggundu has now involved our beloved Kabaka, something which would have been settled long ago but a few individuals who played double standards are costing our kingdom goodwill. They are dragging our mighty Kabaka in these land issues just for their hidden interests as well as building character assassination on the defendant.

If we are to build a strong kingdom as Buganda, let those who are betraying our Kabaka be exposed so that their mafia games are known. Let’s assume that Ham made a mistake, we still need to know those who participated in this to happen. Owek. Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga has always been encouraging us the Baganda to protect our Kabaka but its unfortunate a few people who work within the kingdom are doing us a disservice, something which must be handled urgently.

We should be real when meaning to be royal to Kabaka because it shows betrayal of individuals who pretend to be noble to the King only when they meet Him but when they are away, their deeds contravene their royalty hence causing a big problem to the Kingdom. Owek. Katikiro, please we are humbly requesting you to intervene, things which are happening between Ham and the Kingdom need your urgent intervention to be settled because the Kingdom can’t continue to pull ropes with its grandsons.

David Serumaga is a Concerned Muganda

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