May 29, 2024

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Budongo forest part offered to private investors to grow sugar cane

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Budongo forest is the one and only natural forest that has been in existence for centuries in Uganda.

Budongo forest joins other forests in areas around Masindi for sugar cane growing.

According to Local authorities, the much-conversed forest known to harbour chimpanzees would be cleared to pave the way for sugarcane.

Private investors are setting up more sugar cane factories in the area to pave the way for sugar factories in Kiryandongo and Masindi.

This comes at a time when Private sugar cane growing investors are also expanding their plantations for more sugarcane growing.

Bundogo, which sometimes survives deforestation will this time, not survive deforestation because the entire area is surrounded by sugarcane.

This kind of situation comes at a time when sugarcane growing is being practised entirely in the area.

Most factories in Kiryandongo do require more sugarcane, which current farms do not possess.

Mr Kenneth Nyendwoha, the Buruli MP, said the Bundogo forest is at a very high risk of deforestation because of the hungry sugarcane growing.

The part of the forest has been destroyed, Mr Kenneth said.

Several environmentalists led by Nape, an organisation warned several times that runoff waste from sugar mills pollutes the environment.

Mr Dickens Kamugisha and environmentalists said that new sugar factories in Kiryandongo will see most swamps and forests cut down to pave the way for sugarcane growing, which is a very bad risk for the environment.

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