April 24, 2024

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Fraudster netted masquerading as URA customs officer

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Fraudster netted masquerading as URA customs officer. Business Detect Reports.

Batte Kasim Abdul was arrested on allegations that he has been collecting millions of money from businessmen across the country.

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) official told Business Detect that the Authority followed up the suspect until his arrest.

Mr Batte has been an imposter as a URA Customs official defrauding many people.

“In December, 2018 Batte Kasim Abdul a self acclaimed clearing agent with Intra Cargo told a client (complainant) that URA was set to auction vehicles,” says URA official.

“He received money from the victim and reported the case to our offices and Uganda Police.” He added

Again early this year Mr Batte has defrauded many businessmen.

Among them is Mr Ssekitooleko Steven who paid Batte money for clearing his goods.

URA has opened up a file number URA/ENF/GEF/17/2020 to make investigations to its final conclusions.

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