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Centenary Bank urges customers to safe guard cente visa cards following Fraud issues

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Centenary Bank urges customers to safe guard cente visa cards

Uganda’s Centenary Bank has warned her customers to safe guard their Cent Visa cards to avoid fraud stars.

Today on Saturday 1st, February 2020, the bank issued a statement calling customers to be vigilant.

The statement followed an incident in Mbarara relating to the alleged fraud involving a security guard at Centenary bank Mbarara Corporate branch ATM.

“Investigations to establish the facts surrounding the incident are on going as we engage all stakeholders, so as to get to the bottom of the matter”, says a Bank official.

“Centenary Bank has a zero-tolerance policy to fraud and remains committed to ensuring the safety of our customers’ deposits at all times”, he added.

The official highlighted how customers can keep their Cente Visa cards.

Centenary Bank statement on the alleged fraud.

“We urge our customers to safeguard their CenteVisa cards and credentials including the Customer Verification Value (3 digits at the back of the card), PINs, passwords and all information used to access their accounts so as to prevent unauthorized access by would-be fraudsters,” he stated.

Centenary bank advised customers with any case of such to contact general Manager cooperate Communication and Marketing Beatrice Lugalambi.

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