July 18, 2024

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MTN, YOTV sign big content deal

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YoTV Channels and MTN Uganda have today unveiled a TV streaming data plan dubbed the YOTV Channels MTN Bundle.

Under this partnership, MTN bundle will provide YOTV Channels customers with unlimited access to local TV and Radio for 30 days after which they will upgrade to a subscription plan of their own preference.

YOTV Channels is a mobile and web-based solution that aggregates local media content (TV and Radio) and makes it seamlessly available globally.

With more than 50 local channels already, YOTV Channels allows its customers to enjoy local content at their convenience with ability to pause, rewind, record and catch up with missed programs up to 24 hours.

While announcing this partnership, Aggrey Mugisha YoTVChannels CEO noted that this partnership shows that both MTN and YoTVChannels are committed to promoting local content through allowing Ugandans to enjoy uninterrupted local TV and Radio at their convenience through YOTVChannels.

“As a purely Ugandan brand, we recognize the importance of Buy Uganda, Build Uganda. As such, we relish every opportunity that further builds our country. All MTN customers with smart phones should simply download the YOTVChannels APP or register to enjoy local TV and Radio anytime, anywhere. At the end of 30 days of free viewing, YOTVChannels users can then upgrade to a subscription plan of their choice starting with as low as UGX 500. We are delighted to partner with MTN Uganda on this.” Aggrey Mugisha explained.

On his part, MTN Uganda Ag. Chief Marketing Officer, Sen Somdev, said this partnership is a win-win for both YOTV Channels and MTN Customers.

“Our customers are now looking for convenience. With the advent of smart phones, more people are now accessing information with just a click of a button anywhere anytime. Life as it is now is so busy and people find themselves caught up with work commitments leaving them with little time to catch up with their favourite shows. MTN is therefore pleased to partner with YOTV to bring yet more convenience to our customers because we are good together,”Sen Somdev said.

How to get started:
• Go to Android or iOS app store and download the YOTVChannels APP
• Enter your MTN mobile number to register.
• You will receive a PIN on the mobile number you used when registering.
• Enter the PIN in the field for PIN to complete your set-up.
• You will then have a 30 days’ data free viewing experience on YOTVChannels.
• At the expiry of the 30 days, you can then select a subscription plan that suits your

Subscription Plan after 30 days.
Subscription offer (data

Price Ugx
1 hour 500
I day 1000
I month 10000

NOTE: Subscription to be paid through MTN Mobile Money

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