July 15, 2024

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A painful sacrifice must be made by gov’t employees – Abaasi Walugembe

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The public sector employees haven’t sacrificed during the coronavirus pandemic when compared with private sector employees (except for one or two sectors which are known to the public).

Why should it be only private sector employees who need to sacrifice and accept salary cuts, termination, unpaid long leave, redundancy/unemployment and this is to keep businesses going meaning keeping the country going?

Lucky are public sector employees. Their salaries are protected and they get paid full salaries without any reductions.

They dont know the meaning of termination or redundancy. I will not discuss the amount of work that is carried out by public sector employees (one thing is for sure, there is no comparison with private sector employees)!

Does anyone see any balance here? Do employers understand now why people prefer to work for the public sector and not the private sector?

Something isn’t clicking in the system!
Talk about human rights!
Oh well, I guess that change is required at this moment in time.

Change is the only constant, hope to see equality between public and private sector employees.

This equality could only benefit Ugandans especially during the pandemic.
The winds of change are looking for answers.

Don’t forget to introduce minimum wage to protect workers from being exploited especially by private sectors!!!

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