July 18, 2024

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Masaka city receives UGX 60 billion funding under USMID

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Masaka city council has received Uganda Shillings 60 billion additional funding for another phase of Uganda Support to Municipal infrastructure Development (USMID).

The development was announced by the Masaka city mayor, Godfrey Kayemba, while addressing the media at his office on Friday.

Kayemba says that the funds which have been secured under the USMID additional financing are going to be use for reconstruction of main roads within the city that are in a poor state.  

He says that several roads in Masaka have potholes and the council is losing a lot of money on patching them all the time. Kayemba said this time they want to reconstruct the roads instead of just patching the holes.

Kayemba says that council spends at least Uganda shillings 200 million each financial year on patching of potholes in the city street which he says is too costly.

“We may not work on new roads this time but we are going to put the emphasis on reconstructing the existing roads instead of the old system of just patching holes,” he added.

Some of the roads that have been selected for reconstruction include Batch Avenue that connects Masaka city to Alex Ssebowa road, and the Baynesteras and hill road that connect the business area. Other roads that will be improved includes a section that connects UNRA offices and Masaka hospital, Alexander road, circular road and circular rise among others.

“We accept that most of the roads in the central business area have outlived their lifespan and we ask people to be patient with us as a move to improve the road network in the city by redoing these roads,” he added.

Masaka city clerk John Behangane, says that part of the money will also be used to put up solar lights in the main trading centers and towns that were annexed to the city.

He says that  places such like Butende, Matanga, Kayirikiti, Kirimya, Nabinene Kabonera, and Kingo among other towns that will have tarmac roads will also have solar-powered lights.

“The designs of these projects have been produced already and they are in place and we are just waiting for bidders, and we expect to get the most qualified bidders to take up these projects,” he added. 

Masaka city recently received a Uganda shillings 28 billion boost towards operationalization of the city which will be added to the 45 billion budget that was passed by the council for the financial the year 2020/2021.

Masaka Municipality previously was sitting on 46 square kilometers, but the new city now occupies over 100 square kilometers.


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