June 10, 2023

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Kiruhura town council veterinary officer arrested for flouting FMD directives

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Godson Muheirwe, the Kiruhura town council veterinary officer has been arrested for violating the Foot-and-mouth disease quarantine. It is alleged that Muheirwe returned cows suffering from Foot and Mouth disease to the owners.

Muheirwe who was supposed to put the cows into the holding farm is alleged to have connived with the owners and released the cows.

Kiruhura LCV Chairperson, Rev Samuel Katugunda, says that Muheirwe was given two bulls from Kashongi to take to the government ranch in Kiruhura town council, but instead transported to unknown place.

Katugunda says that they are not ready to let district officials flout the FMD guidelines.

However, Muheirwe denied returning the cows to the owners. He says that he kept the cows in another farm since the holding farm is not fenced.

The Kazo District Veterinary Officer, Richard Kiyemba says that they are facing a challenge of unscrupulous people who smuggle livestock out of the district at night. .

Kiruhura District is among the other five districts of Mbarara, Kazo, Ibanda, Sheema, Bushenyi and Isingiro that were put under quarantine following the outbreak of FMD two weeks ago.

Some of the measures that were put in place to stop the spread of the disease include banning the movement of cattle and sell of cattle products like meat.

However, some cattle keepers continue to smuggle cattle and their products through porous routes.

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