May 29, 2024

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Town Clerks Blame Political Interference for Failure to Enforce Physical Development Plans

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Town clerks from the different municipalities and cities across the country are blaming the interference of powerful politicians for hindering the implementation of approved city and municipal physical development plans.     

Speaking at the closure of their two-day dialogue with officials from the National Building Review Board-NBRB and the National physical planning Board-NPPB in Jinja City on Saturday, the town clerks said some politicians illegally construct structures in restricted areas despite attempts to deter them.   

Godfrey Kisseka, the town clerk of Mubende Municipality, says that most violators of the current physical development plans are powerful and well connected; saying that fighting them requires political support from the president.  

  Christopher Kaweesa, the Clerk Arua City says that some politicians connive with a few elements attached to other parastatals who illegally approve their projects contrary to the available physical development plans.

Innocent Ahimbisibwe, the Fort portal city clerk says that some developers are backed by politicians, who are overtime protected by the security officer to construct pump stations in ungazetted areas.    

Vincent Okurut, the town clerk of Busia municipality says that effective adherence to the set physical development plans warrants the visible presence of NBRB and NPPB in the enforcement against illegal developers. He, however, says that if they leave such tasks under the control of local authorities, illegal constructions will continue thriving in the country.

However, NBRB’s head of enforcement, Geoffrey Kahebwa says that they are committed to effectively boost operations against illegal structures so long as municipal and city authorities file their complaints enlisting the gravity of support required at that opportune time.      


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