July 18, 2024

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I have had several questions posed to me on how I have made it in life from several friends but mostly those I shared with secondary and university school life. Whatever the word “made it in life” means, I find it more first-rately used.

It comes to their conclusion that probably they think I am successful. Indeed I must admit and thank God that I am more successful than I was five years back and how I measure success is comparative.

Now, most people equal success to money (usually tons of money) and here comes the kicker – with lots of money, as well as fame, recognition, freedom et all, it always carries problems attached. Like with everything in life, if you don’t know how to deal with it, you will waste it – or worse yet, it will waste you.

Life is a baffling experience. It will force you to learn how to deal with what you need by getting it. And mind you, I said what you need, not what you want.

Ok but enough is enough. Let me answer the question that my contemplates often ask.

If you know your chemistry, “In nature, nothing is gain and nothing is lost; all is transformed.” In order for you to be successful, you need to be valued.

There are a lot of spread knowledge about this.

“Money follows attention.”

“You are valued by whom you bring value to.”

So let me consider my honest opinion on this subject and walk these steps:

Step 1 – Value

To start on your road to success, you need wealth, right ? You don’t have it so you need to take it from someone else. Because you are not a criminal, and you don’t want to steal it from anyone, you need to trade: you need them to give you wealth and in exchange you have to give them something.

So in order for you to begin a trade, you first must find a way to bring value.

Value is when you have something others want that you can provide. You have to find out what it is that you can provide that others want.

Step 2 – Scale

How can you scale it ? How can you make it that, for the same amount of your time, you can provide value to more people. You cannot do it just for one person – that is called a job.

In order for you to collect wealth, you need to figure out how to scale it.

Keep in mind the essentials: for you to gain more money, you need to spend less than you gain. In order to scale, be sure you don’t spent more than what you are getting in return.

Step 3 – Make it your own

Ok, so this may be a bit dubious but follow my lead. So you have scaled, you have a product or a service that people want.

You scaled by having more to sell, getting people to help you while you pay them or something similar.

To make it your own, you must brand it your own. It’s not just a tag. It’s a difference, in your service or in your product. It can be something quirky, something funny, something useful. It’s different and it must be valued for it.

Make it your own. Copyright it. They can only get this special from you.

Step 4 – Repeat Step 1

Ok, now you have a product that people want, that they know they can get it from you and it’s a bit different than all similar, for the better.

Repeating step 1 should be easier, because you have fame now.

Let’s try a simple example, out of a real life story. There was this shipyard in the wee days of old. It went bankrupt, people were left to the unemployment line. One of these welders, out on unemployment, took a gardening course, ministered by the unemployment agency.

He went to find work and got a couple of jobs. He took care that he left everything very clean, while other gardeners left leaves and branches around. This made his work his own.

He got more jobs, usually by word of mouth, got a couple of guys to help him, taught some more and all of a sudden he had a company of 8 people working for him.

He had a good living.

Here’s the kicker, back to step 1. He hired a landscaper and took a course in landscaping. He started getting some wealthy jobs for integrated landscaped pools and gardens. He hired some more help. Now he had a service for more wealthy people.

My advise to you is now to come up from the back yard and consider yourself a frontline in the fourth estate. Your mind is a granary of success. Settle it down, allow it to freely think differently, act differently and you will be different. Once you are different you are automatically successful.

I thank you.
Tonny Tumukunde.
Attorney at Law.

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