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The Best Recipe: How to Make Banana Wine

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How to Make Banana Wine

Banana wine is one of the latest processed products of banana to enter the market. The procedure how to make banana beer is known (it is somewhere here in this blog), but how do we make banana wine?


* Peel ripe bananas and slice thinly
* Measure. To every one part sliced bananas, add one-and-one-a-half parts water.
* Boil for 30 minutes or longer depending upon the quantity of the pulp.
* Strain
* Add sugar to the extract (one part sugar to every three parts extract).
* Stir and boil to dissolve the sugar. Sugar content should be 22-24 degrees. Brix.
* Allow to cool.
* Place in clean glass container or demi-johns.
* Inoculate with yeast (one tablespoon Red Star yeast to every 40 liters of boiled sweetened juice).
* Plug mouth of demi-john with a clean piece of paper to protect from dust.
* Ferment for a mouth.
* Siphon out the clear fermented liquid.
* Filter and transfer to a sterilized oak barrel for aging
* Cover hole with a wooden plug and seal with melted paraffin
* Age for two years or longer.
* Clarify the wine with eggwhites (eight eggwhites for every 30 liters of wine) by heating the aged wine in stream bath or heating the age wine in steam bath or a double boiler to a temperature of 55-60 degrees Celsius while adding the well-beaten eggwhites.
* Stir to maintain the temperature to 15-20 minutes.
* Cool.
* Filter the wine and bottle by siphoning into clear and sterilized bottles.

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