July 15, 2024

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This was one of the most luxurious SUVs made in the late 90s and early 20s, it came out well equiped and fully loaded with options which feature on current car models as there latest features. This car still stands out as a luxurious machine because of its features ,durability ,stability and comfort not forgetting the most important detail of all its brand RANGE ROVER which has been tasted for generations for making quality cars .
This beast turns heads where ever it goes and gives the owner prestige because of its looks and brand, incase you miss seeing it you will hear a sweet v8 sound which will get your attention and persaude to take a look at it which i guess will be the rear view cause it will be far head because of its perfomance .For the driver it gives a very good comanding view so you get to see infront clearly ,it pampers all passengers and driver as well cause of its comfortable Leather seats which one as standard
Forget about the negative comments you heard ,this beast has been tammed and now its manageable .The spares are readily available which comes with flexible and proffesional mechanics to help you out in any emergencies . As much as it has a big engine of 4.6litres this machine still consumes well compared to other SUV brands with v8 engines especially on long journies .
You can pick these big boys in great shape for 20m ugx and above or you can get one as a project car for as low as 10m ugx and below and then you put it back to its standards.
CALL 0705092833 / 0776911737 whatsapp for any inquires about the p38 RANGE ROVER

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